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Deb Henretta featured on The Wall Street Journal, “Leadership Evolves Amid Tech Changes”

Deb Henretta, SSA’s Senior Advisor was featured in the WSJ article “Leadership Evolves Amid Tech Changes” on how companies are changing their leadership structures to accommodate digital tools. The article mentions Deb’s leadership at P&G Asia where she helped revamp its leadership teams by adding data scientists into monthly strategy meetings. Although some leaders may […] Read More »

John Rodgers quoted in Financial Advisor, “The Big Chill For Annuities In 2017″

John Rodgers, Senior Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer at SSA & Company, was quoted in Financial Advisor on fiduciary regulations and insurance carriers. With a lack of clarity over what the regulations require, insurance carriers may be reluctant to do anything. “This uncertainty creates an unbelievable burden—a bottleneck that’s going to cause a backlog,” […] Read More »

Dave Niles gives opening remarks at Columbia Business School’s Deming Cup Awards.

Dave Niles, president of SSA & Company and G100 Companies, and Chairman of the Deming Center advisory board, opened the annual Deming Cup awards dinner on October 25th. The W. Edwards Deming Center for Quality, Productivity, and Competitiveness at Columbia Business School honored David M. Cote, chairman and CEO at Honeywell, and Indra K. Nooyi, chairman and CEO at PepsiCo, with the 2016 Deming Cup for Operational Excellence. Read More »

Raj Thangavelsamy quoted in TechTarget piece, “Unstructured data analysis gains importance for businesses”

Raj Thangavelsamy, Vice President at SSA & Company, was quoted in a TechTarget piece on content management and unstructured data analysis for businesses. The article shares Raj’s thoughts on the importance of mobility in business processes and the use of software to manage data on the cloud. “Business processes are driven by documents, and mobility is a […] Read More »

Nick Kramer quoted in The Pulse of IT, “Does your point of sale system need an upgrade?”

Nick Kramer, Senior Director of Data and Analytics at SSA & Company, was quoted in an article in The Pulse of IT on how companies should approach IT upgrades for their point of sale systems. Kramer recommends companies take a holistic approach that fully considers their existing infrastructure before investing in new systems and technology. Nick also advises […] Read More »

Deb Henretta on Bloomberg Radio: Using Data to Make Better Business Decisions

SSA & Company Senior Advisor Deb Henretta was recently featured on Bloomberg Radio’s segment “Using Data to Make Better Business Decisions.” She discussed how big data is one of the major challenges facing management teams, and why leadership is crucial to getting the most value from it. According to Deb, “we’re at a tipping point […] Read More »

Regenia Sanders contributes to US News, “Are Calmer Waters Ahead for Shipping Stocks?”

Regenia Sanders, SSA & Company’s Vice President of Supply Chain and Business Technology, was quoted in a US News article on the state of the shipping industry. Regenia commented about how the use of technology, data, and IoT could help improve operations and efficiency. Regenia adds that partnerships and alliances with other shipping carriers can help […] Read More »

Deb Henretta cited in Fortune, “Why Top Women Are Disappearing From Corporate America”

Deb Henretta, Senior Advisor of SSA & Company, was quoted in a Fortune article on the share of executive leadership and board membership held by women and why the outcomes are so different. Life decisions such as caring for a relative with a major illness or changing careers due to a lack of further opportunities contribute, […] Read More »

Paul de Janosi quoted in The Street, “The Reality Is We May Never See $100 Oil Again”

Paul de Janosi, Senior Advisor of SSA & Company, was quoted in The Street on price trends in the oil market. Paul spoke about how mass urbanization in China had driven demand over the last twenty years and how that process has largely concluded. “Without another similar massive driver of demand, there’s very little fundamental support […] Read More »

Bob Silvers quoted in MarketWatch, “Oil turns higher on report Iran may support crude-output freeze”

Bob Silvers, Managing Director of Energy & Life Sciences at SSA & Company, was quoted in a MarketWatch article titled “Oil turns higher on report Iran may support crude-output freeze,” on oil prices and production. The article shares Bob’s thoughts about how OPEC cooperation on a production freeze remains difficult, particularly because some countries are increasing production […] Read More »