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Deb Henretta on Bloomberg Radio: Using Data to Make Better Business Decisions

SSA & Company Senior Advisor Deb Henretta was recently featured on Bloomberg Radio’s segment “Using Data to Make Better Business Decisions.” She discussed how big data is one of the major challenges facing management teams, and why leadership is crucial to getting the most value from it. According to Deb, “we’re at a tipping point at data and advanced analytics continuum.

Today, data is more readily available and cheaper than ever before, and an abundance of new tools and technologies can help companies evaluate data. Yet, “some management teams are becoming a bit swamped and even a bit paralyzed by just the vast amount of data that they have at their fingertips.”

To help a company make data-driven decisions, Deb suggests starting with leadership and culture. “Leaders really have to embrace the need to bring data and advanced analytics in to help make better, faster, and smarter decisions,” and “cultures in the organization need to embrace the use of data as a decision-making tool—not data by itself but with common sense, judgment, and experience.” 

Deb also mentioned the benefits of calling upon companies who have the experience and expertise to help companies transform through data and advanced analytics.

The full clip is on Bloomberg Radio. The discussion begins at the five-minute mark. You can also download the segment as an mp3 file.


Deb Henretta is Former Group President, Global e-Business, at the Procter & Gamble Company and serves as a Senior Advisor to SSA & Company.