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The Future of Health Insurance in the United States

Is the 20th century model still viable in the 21st century’s new economy? The 20th century’s health insurance business model based on risk pooling no longer reflects the social, technical, economic, and political realities of the 21st century. The new reality and long-term trend suggest that health insurance in the US will evolve into a […] Read More »

John Bradshaw and John Blankenbaker quoted in Procurement Leaders magazine

SSA & Company Vice President John Bradshaw and Principal Data Scientist John Blankenbaker were quoted in Procurement Leaders Magazine on creating a predictive analytics team within an organization. In today’s digital revolution, any company can adopt predictive analytics in its operations, but Bradshaw notes “it may require upscaling staff through training.” Blankenbaker explains that companies […] Read More »

John Rodgers and Nick Kramer contribute to CFO Tech Outlook, “How do data analytics-savvy CFOs stay ahead of the game?”

SSA & Company’s John Rodgers and Nick Kramer authored “How do data analytics-savvy CFOs stay ahead of the game?” in CFO Tech Outlook. New technologies, additional data, and other digital disruptions dramatically impacted today’s business landscape. Consequently, CFOs must lead efforts to adopt and invest in digitization and analytics as a broad business initiative to […] Read More »

John Rodgers and Sachin Sachdeva featured in Insurance Innovation Reporter

SSA & Company’s John Rodgers and Sachin Sachdeva authored, “4 Ways Established Insurers Must Future-Proof Their Organizations” in Insurance Innovation Reporter. While digitally born insurance firms may have advantage in today’s increasingly digital landscape, legacy insurers can still “achieve the flexibility of a startup while maintaining the benefits of a market leader.” Though the tools […] Read More »

SSA & Company Notebook | Summer 2017

Ideas That Made Us Think Delivering on Robotic Process Automation’s Promise Robotic process automation (RPA) can fundamentally change the way companies operate. While many financial services firms have experimented with the technology, universal best practices have yet to surface, leaving many to learn as they go. Deutsche Bank made significant investments in RPA over the […] Read More »

SSA & Company’s Paul de Janosi and Nick Kramer featured in Private Funds Management

SSA & Company’s Paul de Janosi and Nick Kramer recently authored an article in Private Funds Management on how private equity companies should think about data across their holdings. Their article, “Closing the ‘Digital Opportunity Gap,’” argues that all private equity firms can maximize the value of their operating companies’ data by building “a shared […] Read More »

Jason Meil quoted in U.S. News & World Report

SSA & Company’s Jason Meil, Managing Director of New Products and Innovation, was quoted in U.S. News & World Report on how new technologies have massive potential for change. “The question is which will actually have a meaningful impact on businesses and consumers, and therefore be around for the long term.” Once these new technologies […] Read More »

Nick Kramer quoted in The Muse, “Data Science Touches Everything We Do—Here’s How to Break Into the Industry”

SSA & Company’s Senior Director, Advanced Analytics & Data Nick Kramer was quoted in The Muse on how the growth of data science affects data-centric positions within their departments. As data science becomes more pervasive, data scientists, data engineers, and data analysts’ responsibilities have been begun to overlap. “The buzz around data science has resulted […] Read More »

SSA & Company Expands its European Leadership Team to Meet Growing Demand

SSA & Company (SSA), a New York-based global management consulting firm, announced today the addition of Philippe Rose as Managing Director. Rose will grow and lead the firm’s European private equity and industrials practice. He brings over 25 years of experience in chemicals and management consulting and formerly ran Celerant’s Europe, Middle East and Asia […] Read More »

Raj Thangavelsamy quoted in TechTarget on digital transformation and the C-Suite

SSA & Company Vice President Raj Thangavelsamy was quoted in a TechTarget article on Cosabella’s digital marketing transformation. Raj notes that digital transformation should always be led by the C-Suite and not be driven by technology. Technologies, such as AI software, can change how businesses are structured. Raj asserts that companies need to first understand […] Read More »