Perform better,
execute faster

Council Advisors brings together the experience of three firms that have advised the top leaders of corporations, investors, and non-profits for more than 20 years.  We work with CEOs and top leadership to clarify strategic priorities, improve the performance of leaders and teams, increase the quality and pace of execution, and craft compelling stakeholder narratives.

Our work focuses on the forces that define competitive advantage.

A Distinct Approach:

Our team of former top executives, seasoned operators, and expert advisors work toward a singular goal: enabling CEO agendas so their firms can excel in a rapidly evolving business environment.

In every engagement, we offer the lens of reimagining solutions for complex business goals through understanding leadership and social challenges. We view every engagement as a partnership, not a transaction, and marry new strategic thinking with organizational and market realities.

Accelerating executive performance at the highest level by assisting leaders in defining their priorities, gaining alignment within the organization, and executing their strategies effectively for optimal results.

Helping organizations through pragmatic solutions for getting things done, combining best-in-class operator experience with the latest digital, technological, and analytical tools.

Developing talent strategies that propel organizations forward through in-depth board and executive assessments; leadership development and coaching; and succession planning.

Positioning and advancing the ideas that shape organizations and industries through strategic narrative development, issue management, thought leadership, and market insights.


Our organization consists of a diversity of leadership styles and fields of expertise, from former corporate executives to public policy directors and numerous roles in between. Together, we help advance business leaders and their strategies through comprehensive and cross-industry expertise. Join our team of industry-leading professionals and be a part of our contribution to high-stakes, high-impact environments.