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Our Practices

Enterprise leadership is more demanding than ever. While leaders are awash in information, insights can be hard to find amongst the noise, and exploration can drift into organizational distraction. Boards provide governance and shareholder advocacy, not mentorship. Consultants have morphed into contractors. Coaches often lack practical perspective on the challenges of leading an enterprise. Informed, objective advice and counsel is harder than ever to find.

After collaborating for several years to help hundreds of business leaders, we have come together to create a new firm dedicated to serving the unique needs of enterprise leaders. Our members are former top executives from a wide range of industries. We combine their experiences and access to their professional networks to help our clients shape their leadership agendas, set priorities, and take decisive action. When needed, Council Advisors deploys executive-level support to drive execution and ensure that outcomes are delivered.

We work with leading public, private, and family-owned businesses. We have experience with private equity and venture capital investors as both co-investors and advisors trusted by both investment firm and portfolio company management teams. We work with SPAC sponsors to help their acquired companies transform from private ventures to publicly traded enterprises.

Our mission is to offer clarity and independent, informed perspective to enterprise leaders. We forge partnerships that accelerate strategy execution.

Vision And Ideas

CEOs want more than a brand tagline. They want a compelling narrative about the future ambition of their company: why people would want to spend their money with you, work for you, let you operate in their communities, and invest with you. We help CEOs advance, protect, and position the ideas that matter most.

Strategy Execution

Now more than ever, strategy execution is where value is created or lost. Too few companies embrace and adopt digitally enabled business models and emerging tools and techniques to maximize growth. We help CEOs understand where and how to apply advanced analytics and digital technology to best grow their people, profits, and customer value.

Top Leadership Effectiveness

Many companies struggle to understand what kind of leadership their business requires to drive success—and how to effectively implement it. We work with executives who aim not only to inspire others, but also to create more value in everything they do. By connecting leaders to ideas, solutions, and wisdom of the most influential CEOs, we help them thrive.

Talent And Succession

Human capital is the leading sustainable differentiator and biggest management opportunity of the next decade. We approach talent management and succession as vital parts of advancing business strategy and driving return on investment. The CEOs with whom we work view recruitment and talent development not as a matter of benefits and compensation, but rather as drivers of business.

Our Practices

Our practices share one common goal—to best serve our clients and put them in the greatest position to thrive

Global services firm that transforms companies to enhance business outcomes (e.g., growth, profit, capability) through digital, analytics, and operations improvements

Leadership / Work / Insights

Advisory firm that develops talent strategies for organizations, teams, and individuals—focusing on high-performance, world-class leadership

Leadership / Work / Insights

Executive communications firm providing strategic communications, issue management, thought leadership, and market insights for leading companies and organizations

Leadership / Work / Insights

What knits Council Advisors together?

Informed world-view and profound understanding of leadership at the CEO level

We work with hundreds of the world’s leading CEOs, their senior leadership, and top investment firms.

The collective wisdom derived from 1,000+ CEO engagements is concentrated among our intimate group of G100 Companies partners, helping shape our ideas and work.

Entrepreneurial and world-class management platform

We bring an agile, iterative, and entrepreneurial mindset to solve problems, drawing on all of our various capabilities and lenses across our businesses.

Pragmatic and specialized services for the CEO

Optimally designed service firms ensure that what matters most is taken care of swiftly and efficiently for CEOs and top leadership teams.


Talent is the only true, lasting source of competitive and economic advantage.
That’s why we firmly believe in the importance of investing in our people

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