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Press Release: SSA Expands Private Equity Practice

NEW YORK, Sept. 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — SSA & Company (SSA), one of the world’s leading management consulting firms, announced today it has hired Paul de Janosi and Jeff Krajacic to help lead its Private Equity practice. The appointment of these two top private equity practice executives to SSA’s leadership team comes amid increasing demand from private equity firms for on-the-ground management consulting expertise. Mr. de Janosi and Mr. Krajacic join Mark Habner, SSA’s Senior Managing Director, who has built the firm’s private equity practice over the last five years.

Paul de Janosi joins SSA as a Senior Advisor, after a successful tenure at Celerant, where he established and ran the firm’s private equity practice as President and Global Head of Mergers & Acquisitions and private equity. Jeff Krajacic, who joins SSA as a Managing Director, Private Equity, also comes to SSA from Celerant where he was Managing Partner of the North American Private Equity Practice.

The personnel moves bolster SSA’s already robust private equity team, while enhancing the practice’s ability to deliver rapid, valuable results. SSA’s private equity clients include 20 of the top 30 global private equity firms, and many of the leading middle-market focused firms. With more than 60 projects conducted globally over the past six years, SSA’s team has accomplished more than $1.5 billion of portfolio company EBITDA improvement, and over $8 billion of enterprise potential at exit.

“Paul and Jeff are established leaders in the Private Equity industry and we are thrilled that our clients will benefit from their experience, advice, and wisdom,” said Mr. Habner. “Together, this team will have collectively worked with more than half of the top 30 investors in the world, and can leverage deep expertise in this important marketplace.”

This investment in talent aligns with SSA’s focus on fast value creation through world-class strategy execution. SSA founded the Six Sigma management revolution decades ago and is the original proponent of data-driven decision-making. Since then, SSA continues to develop innovative ways to help companies drive business performance. In addition, the emphasis on private equity fits broadly into the priorities of SSA’s family of businesses, G100 Companies. G100 Companies brings together the best CEO learning communities (G100) with premier professional services firms designed to meet the needs of today’s CEOs, investors, and boards. Private equity provides a model for efficient value creation and world-class talent strategies.

“Private equity needs and deserves an operations consulting model that quickly produces extraordinary ROI for its portfolio companies – through strategy execution, CEO and CEO team development, and advanced analytics – and builds a more resilient enterprise,” said Mr. de Janosi. “What attracted us to SSA was the ability to help private equity firms with the most important issues today – revenue growth, margin enhancement, capital return, and the next frontier of operational excellence through advanced analytics. At SSA, we have the opportunity to bring F50 skills to mid-market firms to deliver rapid, sustainable results.”

“Our private equity platform allows us to comprehensively create the most value for our clients by blending the services and experience that G100 Companies and SSA can offer.  We’re thrilled to welcome Paul and Jeff to our team and explore the ways they can help us improve governance and talent strategies for CEOs, top teams, and the front line,” added Dave Niles, President of G100 Companies.

Download the official press release here.


SSA & COMPANY is a management consulting firm that helps companies execute on strategy for world-class performance – from fast-cycle, targeted improvements to a total rethinking of a company’s operating model. Born out of Lean Six Sigma and refined through ongoing innovation, SSA & Company’s approach improves execution within client organizations and builds sustainable skills and capabilities within client teams. Whether working with Fortune 50 corporations or private equity portfolio companies, SSA & Company delivers quick, game-changing results that add value immediately and over time.

G100 COMPANIES is a unique business partnership that combines the world’s best C-level learning communities with a handful of premier professional service firms. G100 Companies helps the most distinguished companies and executives drive performance, learning, strategy and reputation.