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SSA & Company’s Paul de Janosi and Nick Kramer featured in Private Funds Management

SSA & Company’s Paul de Janosi and Nick Kramer recently authored an article in Private Funds Management on how private equity companies should think about data across their holdings. Their article, “Closing the ‘Digital Opportunity Gap,’” argues that all private equity firms can maximize the value of their operating companies’ data by building “a shared digital platform to support portfolio company analytics and operations and embed this service in their portfolio operations teams.”

Every industry can access more data than ever before, yet many small-to-middle market companies struggle to analyze and act on their data. PE firms specifically have the funds and “the scale to cost-effectively build the platform and capabilities for their portfolio companies.”

The authors suggest a list of next steps PE firms can take to “be best positioned to reap the benefits of this data-driven revolution—creating stronger performance and increasing value.”

Read the full article.


Paul de Janosi serves as Senior Advisor of SSA & Company




Nick Kramer serves as Senior Director of Advanced Analytics & Data at SSA & Company