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Jason Meil and Matthew Bedwell contributed an article, “The Art and Science of Evaluation” to AMA Quarterly’s Winter 2016-2017 edition

SSA & Company’s Jason Meil and The Miles Group (TMG)’s Matthew Bedwell’s article “The Art and Science of Evaluation” was featured yesterday in AMA Quarterly’s Winter 2016-2017 edition. For today’s leaders, human capital proves to be the biggest asset and cost. Yet, most companies do not prioritize measuring, assessing, and retaining that capital.

Jason and Matthew lay out several ways in which data and analytics can drive performance management and help organizations grow and create value. For example, leaders struggle to quickly and easily capture feedback. Using new technology, like TMG’s app lloop, a tool that can help capture performance feedback “in the moment”, organizations can better capture, organize, and analyze feedback which can help drive “fact-based conversations and analyze performance against specific development goals.” While each organization may choose different data-strategies for human capital, there is little doubt that “applying art and science to the performance evaluation process has the potential to make your talent development program more effective and your enterprise more successful.”

Read the full piece beginning on page 32 here.

Jason MeilJason Meil serves as SSA & Company’s Managing Director, New Products and Innovation.




Matthew BedwellMatthew Bedwell is Managing Director and VP of Products, The Miles Group