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Financial Times OpEd by Jerry Della Femina Highlights Importance of Combining Creativity and Efficiency

This recent Op Ed in the Financial Times represents the collaboration over the past year between SSA & Company and Jerry Della Femina – exploring how creativity and efficiency can thrive in modern businesses.

Through our new partnership with Jerry Della Femina, we will continue to share ideas of interest. We also welcome collaboration and discussions with other practitioners, CMOs and agencies interested in advancing the science.

A glimpse into the second golden age of advertising

We may soon be watching the moment efficiency became hip, writes Jerry Della Femina

“Google and Facebook are attacking,” came the cry from Madison Avenue. “Circle the wagons,” was the answer from France. And so two of the world’s biggest advertising companies, Omnicom and Publicis, announce they are merging. Now that advertisements are more algorithm than Mad Men , the television series depicting Madison Avenue in the 1960s, the merger is being interpreted as the end of the golden era of advertising. It has been seen by the news media as a move by these two ad agencies to shore up resources in order to compete with the giants of Silicon Valley.

The problem with this view, however, is that it makes two flawed assumptions. On one hand, it imagines there is a data-enabled, predictive digital advertising machine that is the inevitable future. Search for tyres and you get an ad for Michelins on sale a mile from your current location. On the other hand, it overly romanticises Mad Men-style advertising virtuosity, in which three suave guys sit back with cocktails and kick around ideas on how to sell you anything from hair-replacement therapy to car insurance.” – Read more.