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Deb Henretta quoted in BloombergView, “Women Don’t Get to Run Top Board Committees”

Bloomberg View quoted Deb Henretta, Senior Advisor at G100 Companies, which is part of SSA & Company’s family of businesses. The article, Women Don’t Get to Run Top Board Committees, covered original research into women’s roles and responsibilities on corporate boards. The research uncovered that women hold the most positions amongst corporate responsibility/public policy, human resources, and corporate governance committees. These are usually seen as less prestigious than committees like executive, compensation, and auditing, which are often run by top board directors.

Henretta stated, “We don’t think there’s anything intentional going on here; women have to grow into leadership positions. But as we get to a fair share of women on boards, we should be looking to get a fair share of representation across all the committees. We shouldn’t have the male committees and the female committees.”

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deb2Deb Henretta is Senior Advisor at G100 Companies.