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SSA & Company Partners with InfomatiX to Help Companies Harness the Benefits of Big Data & Advanced Analytics through a New Training Program

New York, NY – Building on 20 years of expertise in enabling data-driven organizations, SSA & Company has partnered with InfomatiX to develop new training approaches designed to help business practitioners make data actionable – so that greater and faster insights actually move the business to faster and better decisions, as opposed to more questions. InfomatiX is the fastest growing BI and mobility provider in Europe, and has worked with companies like P&G, Nestlé, EY, and General Mills.

Big data’s promise is finally here, yet most companies don’t have the infrastructure, tools, and talent to deliver results quickly. It’s no surprise to us that companies like GE — known as one of the more innovative companies in terms of leveraging big data — also have tremendously strong and successful Six Sigma cultures. SSA & Company believes advanced analytics is the natural evolution of Six Sigma and will be central to how companies will operate in the future. The businesses that harness the potential of big data and advanced analytics will gain competitive advantage, and those who do not will fail. Driving data to insights and insights to actions are both crucial. To improve performance with advanced analytics, companies need to be able to:

  • Identify and creatively leverage data sources – internal and external – to tackle key business issues, and evaluate the people, process, and technology required to enable data-driven decision making.
  • Develop prediction and optimization models that focus on the biggest performance levers.
  • Build organizational capabilities that align with the emerging strategies required to successfully exploit big data and advanced analytics.

To do that, we need to educate business management and close the understanding gap between them, their data departments, and IT. Yet most training programs seem to be designed for data scientists and technology professionals. To fill this need, one of SSA and InfomatiX’s first new products is Advanced Analytics I. This training program is designed to help business leaders understand the language and true capabilities of data, in order to make better, faster decisions.

“We believe that companies must train employees to harness data and new tools to their advantage – CEOs need a way to transform organizational capabilities so that managers can inject data and analytics into their operations,” says David Niles, President of SSA & Company and G100 Companies. “Insights without action have no value,” says Jason Meil, Managing Director of New Products and Innovation. “This data training is designed to teach business leaders about the art of the possible, so they can lead data-centric teams—including data scientists and developers—to solve real business problems.”

Through SSA’s new training program, business managers and Lean Six Sigma practitioners will learn new methods and tools to understand how to use data and advanced analytics to solve problems and identify opportunities quickly. Following SSA’s proven training model, students will benefit from classroom learning with use cases tailored to them, combined with a field project application at their home companies, where they can participate in real-world analytics-based decisions and learn by doing.

“InfomatiX is proud to join forces with a leading management consulting innovator to train the next generation of business leaders and define the future of data analytics for operations,” says Founder István Czilik. “We have been the catalyst for several success stories where entire organizations transformed to data-driven cultures. Moreover, all of these game-changer big data and advanced analytics initiatives resulted in sustainable competitive advantage. Now our analytical excellence team is ready to share the best market practices to turn insights to actions.”

About SSA & Company and G100 Companies
SSA & Company is a management consulting firm that helps companies execute on strategy for world-class performance – from fast-cycle, targeted process improvements to a total rethinking of a company’s operating model. Born out of Lean Six Sigma and refined through ongoing innovation, SSA & Company’s approach improves execution within client organizations and builds sustainable skills and capabilities within client teams. Whether working with Fortune 50 corporations or private equity portfolio companies, SSA & Company delivers quick, game-changing results that add value immediately, and over time.

SSA is part of G100 Companies, a unique business partnership that combines the world’s best C-level learning communities with a handful of premier professional services firms. G100 Companies helps the most distinguished companies and executives to drive performance, learning, strategy, and reputation.

About InfomatiX
InfomatiX is an analytical strategy firm helping organizations to transform big data into enterprise knowledge. Since 2002, InfomatiX has been working with Fortune 500 companies to accelerate enterprise adoption of latest Business Intelligence (BI) practices, create analytical centers of excellence, drive insights to action with custom solutions, and incorporate collaborative BI workflows in all decision support systems. The agile analytics framework of InfomatiX fuses and contextualizes data, while ensuring seamless implementation and cultural transformation of any organization to empower every person to make the best decision at the right time.

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