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Regenia Sanders and Alison Ponder quoted in IndustryWeek, “Services Trade: Why it Matters to U.S. Manufacturing”

SSA & Company’s Regenia Sanders, Vice President, and Alison Ponder, Senior Director, were quoted in a IndustryWeek’s Services Trade: Why it Matters to U.S. Manufacturing, on manufacturing and a new major growth opportunity–services trade. Alison commented on congestion at ports as volumes rise, leading to increased wait times and companies needing to “get more advanced in how they manage their inventory” such as inventory management, logistics, tax services, and market research. On technology and engineering services, Regenia was quoted on the use of big data by manufacturing companies to differentiate themselves. She suggests to look at your product and R&D “to understand what the customers are asking for and that starts a whole trickle-down effect throughout the entire supply chain.”

Regenia Sanders serves as a Vice President of SSA & Company. Alison Ponder serves as a Senior Director of SSA & Company.

Read the full article here.