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Press Release: SSA & Company Hires Deb Henretta as Senior Advisor

SSA & Company Hires Deb Henretta as Senior Advisor

New York, NY – SSA & Company (SSA) has hired Deb Henretta, former Global President of e-Business at Procter & Gamble (P&G), as Senior Advisor. Deb’s role is to help companies better use big data and advanced analytics to drive strong, sustained top-line and bottom-line results.


“The gap in achieving the promise of advanced analytics centers on leadership—no person understands that leadership equation better than Deb,” says Dave Niles, president of SSA and G100 Companies. “P&G has always been at the forefront of innovative, data-driven business with their brand management and category management models. Deb’s experience in Asia is a great case study on how to build an organization that uses big data and advanced analytics to drive big results. Deb knows that unlocking the power of big data and advanced analytics requires leadership to reshape and engage an enterprise—it’s not a technical challenge.”


During her tenure at P&G, the world’s largest consumer goods company, Deb reported to the CEO and led the company’s global e-business vision and strategy. Through her many roles at P&G, she led the creation of new business models which continue to redefine how P&G advertises, sells, and innovates in the fast-growing online world. Deb’s work in driving new digital models is transforming the company to win in an increasingly digital marketplace, where nearly half of P&G’s $86 Billion in sales will be transacted or influenced.


Deb’s consistent recognition as an influential business leader includes seven years on Fortune Magazine’s U.S. and international rankings of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Business.


“Big data is the future of business and companies that fail to embrace its use risk falling behind,” Henretta says. “Dave and his team deeply understand that helping businesses adopt and incorporate these powerful tools is not a technical matter; it’s a leadership and culture issue. At SSA, our team will leverage its collective experience to provide business leaders with specific recommendations and actions to improve their businesses and incorporate big data and analytics into their corporate culture. We will help companies use data analytics to glean insights to drive actions that get results.”


“Through G100, we have gotten to know Deb over the past three years and have been blown away by her energy, enthusiasm, and wisdom,” says Niles.


In 2008, Deb received a U.S. State Department appointment to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)’s Business Advisory Council. In 2011, she was appointed Chair of this 21-economy Council and was the first woman to hold the position. In this role, she advised top government officials including President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Deb is on the Board of Directors at Corning Inc. and NiSource. She also sits on the Board of Trustees for Xavier University and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.


Download the official press release here.


About SSA & COMPANY & G100 COMPANIES SSA & COMPANY is a management consulting firm that helps companies execute on strategy for world-class performance – from fast-cycle, targeted improvements to a total rethinking of a company’s operating model. Born out of Lean Six Sigma and refined through ongoing innovation, SSA & Company’s approach improves execution within client organizations and builds sustainable skills and capabilities within client teams. Whether working with Fortune 50 corporations or private equity portfolio companies, SSA & Company delivers quick, game-changing results that add value immediately, and over time.

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