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Nick Kramer quoted in the Institutional Investor, “Is 3-D Printing Pausing Before Takeoff?”

Nick Kramer, Senior Director of Data and Analytics at SSA & Company, was quoted in an Institutional Investor article on the future of the 3-D printing space. The author conveyed Nick’s optimism for the industry. According to Nick, “the real opportunity in the industry hasn’t passed; it’s about to come into view.” Nick mentions that although the “cool” factor may be diminishing, and the industry is going through what he calls a “disillusionment period,” the technology is now ready for actual practical use and ripe to add value to the world. According to this article, as innovative companies in a variety of industries start plugging 3-D printing in their supply chain and Internet of Things capabilities, the demand for 3-D printing is expected to rise.

Nick Kramer Senior Director of Data and Analytics at SSA & Company. Read the full article here