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Nick Kramer Joins SSA as Senior Director of Data & Analytics to Help Leaders Drive Growth

Data Analytics Expert Nick Kramer Joins SSA to Help Leaders Drive Growth

 NEW YORK, DATE – SSA & Company (SSA), a fast-growing global management consulting firm, announced today that it has hired Nick Kramer as Senior Director of Data & Analytics to help the company meet the rising demand for its data analytics services. In this role, Kramer will further develop the growth of SSA’s data analytics practice, helping clients overhaul operations for maximum efficiency and profit.

A data and analytics expert, Nick Kramer brings over 23 years of experience helping small and large firms deepen customer relationships through personalized experiences, develop strategies for infrastructure cost savings, drive efficiencies under regulatory pressure, and build data science capabilities to drive top-line and bottom-line results.

“Nick is a stellar addition to our team. He brings deep expertise in helping businesses gain competitive advantage from advanced analytics, and a passion for making big data approachable to a wide range of audiences,” says Jason Meil, SSA’s Managing Director of New Products & Innovation.

Kramer has worked directly with international companies including Coach, Credit Suisse, Capital One, NBCUniversal, and Guardian Life. Prior to joining SSA, Nick served as Solution Partner at Knowledgent, an information consultancy.

“I am thrilled to welcome Nick Kramer to our firm at this pivotal time for business,” says David Niles, President of SSA & Company and G100 Companies. “Nick’s experience and know-how provides a tremendous asset to SSA as we expand our Big Data and Advanced Analytics practice to better suit the needs of our clients.”

“Big data is the future of all businesses and leaders like Nick are helping to create that future. Today’s executives need real growth partners to help them extract real value from big data and advanced analytics,” says SSA Senior Advisor Deb Henretta, former Global President of e-Business at Procter & Gamble, who joined the firm last year to help companies better use advanced analytics to drive strong, sustained results. “SSA is at the forefront of this emerging thinking.”

“I am excited to join SSA because the firm realizes that big data is not about science fair experiments, it is about driving data to insights to tangible results,” says Nick Kramer. “Some say that data is the new oil. I believe that data is even more precious than that; it is the new water.  No firm understands strategy execution better than SSA, the most critical element towards delivering results from data. Insights without action have no value and SSA is helping to remove the hype from advanced analytics. As part of the firm’s team, I look forward to helping today’s business leaders execute big data strategies to deliver real results.”

Download the official press release here.

ABOUT SSA & COMPANY: SSA & Company is a management consulting firm that helps companies execute on strategy for world-class performance – from fast-cycle, targeted improvements to a total rethinking of a company’s operating model. Born out of Lean Six Sigma and refined through ongoing innovation, SSA & Company’s approach improves execution within client organizations and builds sustainable skills and capabilities within client teams. Whether working with Fortune 50 corporations or private equity portfolio companies, SSA & Company delivers quick, game-changing results that add value immediately, and over time.

SSA is part of G100 Companies, a partnership of five distinguished businesses that address the unique challenges and opportunities facing CEOs.