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A compilation of recent, high-quality business insights from our businesses that brings together some of the best ideas and stories on Vision and Ideas, Strategy Execution, Top Leadership Effectiveness, and Talent and Succession.

SSA & Company Notebook | Winter 2017

Ideas That Made Us Think Evolving Customer Sentiment Can Unlock Your Supply Chain’s Potential Consumers’ demands to know what’s in their products is putting unprecedented pressure on companies. Supply chains are increasingly fragmented, and “suppliers are often reluctant to share their formulations, buyers balk at higher costs, and in some cases cost-effective safer substitutes simply […] Read More »

Regenia Sanders quoted in TechTarget, “Mobile logistics technology takes long route to consumer-grade devices”

SSA & Company’s Regenia Sanders, Vice President of Supply Chain and Business Technology, was quoted in an article in TechTarget on mobile logistics technology. Regenia was cited that wearable and augmented reality technology can increase productivity and reduce error in a supply chain within the warehouse and “offer a significant advantage in data entry.” Regenia offers […] Read More »

John Rodgers and Sachin Sachdeva contribute to International Banker, “Best Practices for Operational Compliance Transformation”

SSA & Company’s John Rodgers and Sachin Sachdeva contributed an article, “Best Practices for Operational Compliance Transformation” to International Banker today. With stricter regulations, banks and other financial services companies have resources to compliance teams to signal to regulators that the organization is compliant with all laws. But these investments are usually met with budget […] Read More »

Jason Meil and Matthew Bedwell contributed an article, “The Art and Science of Evaluation” to AMA Quarterly’s Winter 2016-2017 edition

SSA & Company’s Jason Meil and The Miles Group (TMG)’s Matthew Bedwell’s article “The Art and Science of Evaluation” was featured yesterday in AMA Quarterly’s Winter 2016-2017 edition. For today’s leaders, human capital proves to be the biggest asset and cost. Yet, most companies do not prioritize measuring, assessing, and retaining that capital. Jason and Matthew lay […] Read More »

G100 Network Notebook | January 2017

“Alexa, What’s Next?” More voice-enabled objects and conversational bots in unexpected places, thanks to an increasing number of partnerships between Amazon and other companies, reports Backchannel: It turns out having microphones in your environment is a lot more convenient than pulling out your phone. Do advances in the cloud and voice recognition portend a shift […] Read More »

Wayne Dix quoted in Managed Care Magazine, “An Old-Fashioned Notion: Stand Behind Your Wares”

Wayne Dix, Vice President, Healthcare at SSA & Company, was quoted in a Managed Care Magazine article titled “An Old-Fashioned Notion: Stand Behind Your Wares” on outcomes-based contracting in the pharmaceutical industry. According to Wayne, there may be several practical challenges to value-based contracts including “administrative overhead, the intricacies of data collection and validation, and […] Read More »

John Rodgers quoted in Financial Advisor, “Life Insurer Challenges”

John Rodgers, Senior Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer at SSA & Company, was quoted in Financial Advisor on challenges for life insurers. John makes the point that the Department of Labor regulations could have an adverse impact on agents’ ability to sell certain products–possibly leading to fewer choices. “Now there’s added fiduciary responsibility for their agents […] Read More »