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A compilation of recent, high-quality business insights from our businesses that brings together some of the best ideas and stories on Vision and Ideas, Strategy Execution, Top Leadership Effectiveness, and Talent and Succession.

Miles to Go: Seven Ways to Put Goal Making into Practice

Why it’s not too late to set goals for 2016 Goal setting – at any time of year – is critical and should continuously be a high priority. Goals help companies measure how successfully the business is delivering relative to its strategy by directing attention to key metrics. Setting specific and challenging goals at the […] Read More »

G100 Network Notebook | March 2016

Dallas Fed CEO Former Harvard Business School professor Robert Steven Kaplan ranks among the newest additions to a growing consensus at the central bank about raising interest rates gradually: The Fed needs to keep raising short-term interest rates to diminish risks to the economy and markets of “excessive accommodation,” Mr. Kaplan told the Journal on […] Read More »

Sachin Sachdeva contributes to The Wall Street Journal, “The Morning Risk Report: The Hidden Costs of Implementing Compliance”

Sachin Sachdeva, Vice President and one of SSA’s financial practice leaders, was quoted extensively in the Wall Street Journal’s Morning Risk Report on March 29, 2016. Sachin provided information on the disconnect between companies recognizing their compliance challenges and investing in systems to fix them. Sachin noted that banks could reduce some friction and inefficiency by having […] Read More »

Paul de Janosi contributes to Private Equity International

Paul de Janosi, Senior Advisor of SSA & Company, was quoted extensively in a Private Equity International article on Madison Dearborne investing in Ankura. Paul provided great context on why private equity firms are investing more in consulting businesses to add management talent.“It’s not enough to be a stronger leader and a good operator yourself […] Read More »

HLG Notebook | March 2016

1. The Future Is Bleak Evgeny Morozov’s latest takedown of tech futurism is this flawless, must-read evisceration of The Industries of the Future and its narcissistic author Alec Ross. Every paragraph brims with (much-warranted) sarcasm, contempt, and mockery. Early on, Morozov describes his first meeting with Ross when he was working for Secretary Clinton: I […] Read More »

G100 Network Notebook | February 2016

The Truth About Trump Appeal What does this year’s political climate say about American society, employment, and business? No one has analyzed this more deeply than AEI scholar Charles Murray in his recent Wall Street Journal essay. Those who dismiss Trump supporters as irrational xenophobes overlook why the unlikely frontrunner continues to resonate, says Murray. An excerpt: For […] Read More »

IT Spending Cuts Spare the Internet of Things

Jason Meil, Managing Director, New Products and Innovation, was recently quoted in an article on the CIO Journal of the Wall Street Journal. In the article, titled “IT Spending Cuts Spare the Internet of Things,” Jason describes that among Fortune 500 companies, “everybody is thinking about IoT in a very serious way.” He adds most […] Read More »