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Deb Henretta, Sandy Ogg, and David Niles contribute to Data Informed, “Make a Big Impact with Big Data: 5 Lessons for Leaders”

An article by G100 Companies’ Deb Henretta, David Niles, and Sandy Ogg was featured in Data Informed on how executives can harness the potential of big data and advanced analytics. In particular, if leaders want dramatic data-driven change they should take ownership of that transformation and focus on leading key initiatives, streamlining decision-making, improving metrics, and encouraging a data-driven culture. Without visionary leadership, the promise of big data will fall short of organization-wide adoption. Big data and advanced analytics are a huge opportunity for driving results, but to succeed in this transformation, CEOs must be accountable for leading it.

Read the full article here.

daveDavid Niles is President of SSA & Company and G100 Companies, and Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Deming Center for Quality and Competitiveness at Columbia Business School.



debDeb Henretta is Former Group President, Global e-Business, at the Procter & Gamble Company and serves as a Senior Advisor to SSA & Company. 



sandy-ogg-v1-130x130Sandy Ogg is the Founder of (part of G100 Companies); former Operating Partner, The Blackstone Group L.P.; and former CHRO, Unilever.