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Deb Henretta interviewed on Yahoo Finance, “How Women Can Secure More Seats in the Boardroom”

Deb Henretta, Senior Advisor of SSA & Company and G100 Companies, was interviewed by Yahoo Finance’s Seana Smith on “How Women Can Secure More Seats in the Boardroom.” According to Deb, this is the time to take action to ensure women are in top leadership positions. In the interview, Deb also mentions that it is in a company’s best interest to have women in c-level and board positions.

We’ve nearly doubled the number of women board members over the past decade, but that progress just isn’t fast enough. We need to see more women get onto boards because the boardroom is where important critical decisions like strategy and succession planning are being made,” said Henretta.


Deb Henretta serves as Senior Advisor of SSA & Company. Watch the full video here.