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Paul de Janosi contributes to WSJ, “What Is Permanent Capital?”

Paul de Janosi, Senior Advisor and leader of the Private Equity practice at SSA & Company, was quoted in a WSJ article on permanent capital. Paul commented that permanent capital is a growing trend in the private-equity industry and cited the slow economic growth of recent years as a driving force, because it means investments take longer to […] Read More »

Nick Kramer Joins SSA as Senior Director of Data & Analytics to Help Leaders Drive Growth

Data Analytics Expert Nick Kramer Joins SSA to Help Leaders Drive Growth  NEW YORK, DATE – SSA & Company (SSA), a fast-growing global management consulting firm, announced today that it has hired Nick Kramer as Senior Director of Data & Analytics to help the company meet the rising demand for its data analytics services. In […] Read More »

Deb Henretta interviewed on Bloomberg Radio on E-Commerce, Brand Loyalty and Female Leadership

Last week’s, Deb Henretta, SSA’s Senior Advisor taped a Bloomberg Radio interview with Taylor Riggs. The segment aired on 04/20/2016, and in it Deb and Taylor discussed a variety of topics including e-commerce, brand loyalty and female leadership. Deb Henretta serves as Senior Advisor of SSA & Company. Watch the clip here. Read More »

Regenia Sanders quoted in The Associated Press, “New Vistas Open Up at Small Businesses that Use Drones”

Regenia Sanders, Vice President and Supply Chain practice leader at SSA & Company, was quoted in The Associated Press article on new uses for drones in businesses.  The author quoted Regenia saying that many companies are still assessing both the costs and potential uses of drones, such as keeping track of inventory. According to Regenia, “companies attracted […] Read More »

David Niles contributes to MediaPost, “Advertising Firms + Big Data = Missed Opportunities”

David Niles, President of SSA & Company and G100 Companies, recently contributed an article to MediaPost. In the article, titled “Advertising Firms + Big Data = Missed Opportunities,” Niles explains that “to remain competitive, agenices need to structure their organizations around big data and big ideas and reexamine talent, leadership, culture, and infrastructure.” Niles details […] Read More »

Joseph Madigan contributes to CIO, “Why data scientist is the hottest tech job in retail”

Joseph Madigan, Senior Director and Retail Practice leader at SSA & Company, was quoted in a CIO article on data scientists in the retail industry. Joe commented about the necessity of changing an IT infrastructure to implement a new strategy. “Retailers need data experts who can unwind old legacy pieces and get new systems ready to launch on […] Read More »

Nick Kramer contributes to U.S. News & World Report, “How to Invest in the Internet of Things”

Nick Kramer, SSA’s Senior Director of Data and Analytics, contributed to the U.S. News & World Report’s  article on “How to Invest in the Internet of Things” on April 13th, 2016. Nick provided information on the nature of IoT, how it affects global firms, and how IoT firms’ success varies over time. Specifically, Nick emphasized that […] Read More »

Paul de Janosi featured on Bloomberg Markets, “Can Private Equity Help the Oil Industry?”

Paul de Janosi serves as Senior Advisor of SSA & Company. Watch the clip here. Read More »

Sachin Sachdeva contributes to The Wall Street Journal, “The Morning Risk Report: The Hidden Costs of Implementing Compliance”

Sachin Sachdeva, Vice President and one of SSA’s financial practice leaders, was quoted extensively in the Wall Street Journal’s Morning Risk Report on March 29, 2016. Sachin provided information on the disconnect between companies recognizing their compliance challenges and investing in systems to fix them. Sachin noted that banks could reduce some friction and inefficiency by having […] Read More »

Paul de Janosi contributes to Law360, “PE Set To Capitalize On Continued Oil Industry Struggles”

Paul de Janosi, Senior Advisor at SSA & Company, was quoted extensively in a Law360 article on private equity investment in the oil industry. Paul provided information on the opportunity that the current price dislocations has provided for PE firms. “This is maybe the most exciting time for private equity in the energy space in […] Read More »