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Advanced Analytics, Leadership, and Future Growth

Advanced Analytics, Leadership, and Future Growth

With global GDP growth slowing, CEO tenure decreasing, and a talent shortage emerging, CEOs and management teams look to challenging—but exciting—opportunities provided by data and digital. The promise of new technologies and data tools to create faster, more comprehensive solutions has existed for decades, but today it has become a reality for most companies. The possibilities have increased exponentially—but just as importantly, costs have dramatically decreased.
Despite cost and capability improvements, as well as investments in data analytics and new technologies, few companies have seen transformative results. Boards, CEOs, and management teams must ask themselves: How does this ever-expanding data resource directly or indirectly drive growth?
SSA & Company hosted roundtables—convening leaders at Fortune 500 and private equity firms—to discuss opportunities and pitfalls of big data strategy execution.

The private meetings were led by renowned business leaders and advisors:

– Deb Henretta / former Group President, Global e-Business, P&G and Operating Partner, G100 Companies

– Michael Schrage / Research Fellow, MIT Center for Digital Business

– David Niles / President, G100 Companies

– Jason Meil / Managing Director, New Products & Innovation, SSA & Company


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